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Республика Саха (Якутия)

Узнай уровень английского


  1. Выбирайте правильный ответ и заполняйте пропущенные слова.
  2. Вы можете остановиться в любой момент и завершить тест. Не обязательно писать тест до конца времени.

Нажмите Далее для старта.

1. demo

How many pencils are there?
2. demo

What's his job?
3. demo

Where's the boy?
4. demo

What are they doing?
5. demo

The dog is…
6. demo

This is a photo of me…
7. demo

How much money have you got?
8. demo

Has this astronaut ever been to space?
9. demo

This goose is...
10. demo

If I don't dress warmly in the winter...
11. demo

The librarian…
12. demo

What have you been doing?
14. Заполните каждый пропуск словом, которое начинается на указанную букву.

Say ‘Hello’ to Kate!  She   i             nine years old.  She’s
15. She’s    g                       two brothers and she lives with her mum and dad.
16. demo

Kate gets up at seven o' clock every day.  She goes to school   b               bus at eight o' clock.  She has breakfast at school with her friends.  After school, she has a music lesson.
17. demo

At three o' clock   e                                             day after school, Kate visits her grandpa so that she can help him do the shopping.
18. demo

After that, she   h                         to go home to do her homework, because she knows it will be checked in school the next day.

19. Last week she   d                        '         do her homework and the teacher got very angry!

20. demo

After doing her homework, Kate and her family usually have dinner together. After dinner, if she’s not feeling   t                          tired, she chats with her best friend online then goes to bed at ten o' clock. 
21. demo

If she could, Kate   w                                               go to bed much later

22. but her parents won’t   l                             her!

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