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Узнай уровень английского


Тест на уровень английского для взрослых

  1. Выбирайте правильный ответ и заполняйте пропущенные слова.
  2. Вы можете остановиться в любой момент и завершить тест. Не обязательно писать тест до конца времени.

Нажмите Далее для старта.

1. ________, I’m Harry.
2. Teacher: _______________ are you from?
Student: I’m from Mongolia.
3. Is _______ your bag?
4. My husband is a man and my mother is a __________ .
5. My friend ___________ green tea.

6. Man 1: How can I pay?
Man 2: You can pay ________ credit card or cash.
7. Mia is ___________ her dinner in the kitchen.
8. Are ________ any shops near here?
9. Lisa is leaving the day ________ tomorrow.
10. Man: Was that bag expensive?
Woman: No, it _________.
11. What do you do in your __________ time?
12. The seventh month of the year is _________________ .
13. Are you __________?
14. Boy: Be careful, Dad!
Father: Don’t __________, I’m a good driver!
15. It rains a lot in Britain, but it __________ every day.
16. I hardly __________ travel to other countries because I am always too busy.
17. My teacher can’t ______________ guitar well.
18. We sleep in the bedroom, wash in the bathroom, and cook in the _____________ .
19. It’s not healthy to eat ___________ biscuits.
20. Tokyo is __________ biggest city in the world.
21. What do you want __________ with your life?
22. ___________ you been to the cinema recently?
23. A waiter is a ______________ who works in a restaurant.
24. The weather was hot ________ Hannah took off her coat.
25. The opposite of ‘pass’ is ‘___________’.
26. Mother: Have you finished your homework?
Daughter: No, not __________ .
27. Somalian is an _____________ difficult language.
28. When you get dressed, what’s the last thing you ____________ on?
29. Moscow is _________ from Yakutsk than Tokyo.
30. If you want a new passport, you’ll have to __________ in this application form.
31. She asked me if she _____________ me home.
32. He ___________ to be ill, but he wasn’t really.
33. I have a friend who is afraid ______ water. He can’t swim.
34. My laptop is broken and is _________ repaired by a technician.
35. What ___________, meat or fish?
36. Girl 1: How long have you been using Twitter?
Girl 2: ________ about a year.
37. Is there anything you’re really looking forward _______?
38. I’d love to be _______ to ski, but I can’t.
39. My mother ____________ live in London when she was a child.
40. She decided to _________ up an online business selling
41. What ________ you do if you were driving home one night and you saw an alien?
42. Mountain view is the area in California __________ Steve Jobs grew up.
43. You _________ send text messages while driving – it’s against the law.
44. Our uncle has invested all his money _______ property.
45. Could you tell me ______________ born?
46. Doctor: Good morning, what’s the matter?
Patient: I haven’t been ____________ well for a few days.
47. The woman thought we were friends, but in fact we _______ knew each other.
48. As _______ as I pass my driving test, I’m getting a car.
49. I’m often ___________ with my birthday presents.
50. The tourists stopped at Red Square to have their photo__________.
51. Waiter: Please sit __________ you like.
Customer: Thank you, let’s sit over there.
52. Before becoming ____ astronaut, Neil Armstrong worked for the US Navy.
53. We were very surprised and unable to move or react. We were completely _________ .
54. Sorry I haven’t been in _________ for a while; my phone’s been broken.
55. You won’t get a place at university _________ you study harder.
56. Could you measure the ________ and length of the living room? I also want to buy a new carpet.
57. You’ve ________ make an effort to be more openminded.
58. Could we meet next week? I’m a bit ________ of time this week.
59. There’s no sound coming from his room. He _________woken up yet.
60. Most people buy new laptops, but Kelly prefers ones which are _______ hand.
61. Spending money _______ means giving it to friends or donating to charities.
62. My ex-husband and I don’t talk to each ________anymore.
63. _________, I think women make better journalists than men.
64. Another word for ‘rich’, beginning with ‘a’, is ‘_____________’.
65. _________ you become a parent do you understand what it really means.
66. I wouldn’t bring up the subject again if I were you. I’d _____ sleeping dogs lie.

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